Teaching has always been my passion and, like performing music on stage, is part of my identity as a musician. Both areas complement and inspire each other. As an assistant in the piano class of Prof. Bernd Goetzke in Hanover and a pianist in the violin class of Prof. Antje Weithaas in Berlin I work with outstanding young talents and accompany them as they begin their musical journeys. In my lessons I attach particular significance to the development of my students' individual musical and tonal ideas. In addition I bring a vast range of experiences from my performing life and close collaborations with singers and string players to my teaching.


“Preserve music culture. Promote top talent.”
For over fourty years the International Music Academy for Soloits (IMAS) has stood by this motto and been committed to young soloists from all over the world. I have been working at IMAS as project manager since 2012. Every autumn we organize an academy in Bückeburg Castle with three masterclasses, a closing concert and numerous educational activities for the participants. I select and invite the professors, organize the program and additional activities, and work with a dedicated team to ensure all events run smoothly. I also represent the academy externally, with the goal of inspiring potential participants and getting dedicated concert-goers and sponsors on board.


The LOEWE Foundation was founded in 2017 and is dedicated to the promotion of music, visual arts and animal welfare. As a member of the Board of Trustees I am responsible in the field of music. I carefully select individual artists, projects and institutions, for whom I believe the financial support of the LOEWE foundation would be of huge benefit.
During my own studies I was lucky enough to be supported by numerous foundations and so it is all the more important to me to be able to actively aid the next generation of young musicians in this way.